5 People that Made It Famous on Instagram…for Random Reasons

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Source: cdninstagram

For as many followers as this guy has, he gets hated on a lot…and for good reason. Lavish’s Instagram profile description reads, “My life is like Louis Vuitton, everyone wants it. — You made ur bed so sleep in it in peasants.” That’s right, he calls people “peasants.” So why does this snobby 18 year-old from San Francisco have so many followers!?!

Source: cdninstagram

Well for one, he posts photos of expensive things like Louis Vuitton, exotic cars, stacks of cash…and more Louis Vuitton.

Source: ibtimes

But the main reason over 400k people follow this guys is because he apparently likes to give money away…like $15-20k at a time. According to Lavish’s Instagram, the photo above is of one of his cash prize winners. I think it’s probably just his one and only friend who he asked to pretend to be a $20k winner so he could get more Instagram followers…but who knows.

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The photo above shows Lavish tying what appears to be $4k onto balloons and sending them off. His Instagram caption reads, “Flying away bandz.”

Source: sinaimg

Here is Lavish pouring sparkling water into the toilet. Why? Because he only goes number 2 in sparkling water!


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